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Advanced: Analyse list

Advanced: Analyse list

## Instructions

Write a function, analyse_list, that takes a string and an arbitrarily complex nested list.

It should build a dictionary where the keys are the given string and numbers indicating the index path to each element. The value stored on each key should be the value of each list element.

You can assume that the list contains only strings and other nested list.


random_list = ["carrot", ["car", "boat", "plane"], "turtle", ["house"]]

analyse_list("mabel", random_list)

Should return:

  "mabel.0":  "carrot",
  "mabel.1.0": "car",
  "mabel.1.1" : "boat",
  "mabel.1.2": "plane",
  "mabel.2": "turtle",
  "mabel.3.0": "house"